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Integrating your Christian values

What is Christian Counseling?

Christian counseling uses the Holy Bible and applies it to psychological techniques, research & theories. This can help clients gain the knowledge and skills to cope with life’s difficult challenges according to their Christian faith.  Scriptures are used to help provide structure and support, while homework may be given to help keep clients grounded and moving forward on their journey towards healing.

Yes, it is true that you can have a counseling experience that incorporates your religious beliefs!

Do We Pray in the Counseling Session?

That is totally up to you. This is your session. If you need prayer, I am here to provide that support for you. I will wait on you to let me know if this is something you want.

Can I be seen for sessions if I am not a Christian?

Absolutely you can. By sharing that Christian counseling is offered, it allows potential clients to know they can have counseling that specifically integrates their Christian beliefs and allows all clients to know more about the guiding principles of the therapist that provides the service. We have past and current clients of many different faiths and different walks of life.  It’s just good practice to allow people to make a fully informed decision before deciding to schedule an appointment.

Which therapist provides Christian Counseling?

Camille McDaniel, LPC
Read more about her HERE

Treatment Modalities

Biblical teachings are the foundation and the following interventions are used as skill builders. 

Cognitive-behavioral therapy – recognizing patterns of thinking that lead to beliefs that leads to behaviors. One or more areas of the chain are interrupted to deconstruct poor thoughts and/or behaviors that are creating stressors in ones life.

Dialectical-behavioral therapy – skills are taught that encompass mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, emotion regulation, and distress tolerance;

Solution-focused therapy – a focus is on developing solutions and identifying strengths and resources within the client to create a healthier future. 

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