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Life with ADHD is like running up the down escalator. You get where you want to go eventually but the journey is exhausting.

– Kathleen

When it comes to having Attention Deficit Disorder or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD), people often have to put in three times the effort as their peers/colleagues and the risk of negative feedback along the way can still be quite high.

Why is that?

ADHD is invisible.  All you see are the symptoms, which can cause quite a bit of havoc. What you can’t see are all the internal traffic jams that lead to racing thoughts, forgotten chores, house repairs half done, difficulty restraining behaviors, forgetting to complete and turn in assignments, and zoning out in the middle of conversations. Many adults, children, and teens get quite a bit of negative feedback from spouses, parents, teachers, and others for something that can often be outside of their control.

All of this can lead to confusion, frustration, and self doubt. However, there are AMAZING GIFTS under all those traffice jams! With the right counseling support, you or your child can realize the limitless potential within, once you better understand how ADHD works, how it impacts your life, and techniques to allow you to operate in clarity/order versus chaos.

Treatment Modalities

While exploring these presenting issues, coping skills and techniques will be derived primarily from the following theoretical orientations:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy – patterns of thinking and beliefs that have led to self destructive behaviors in order to modify cognitive distortions to cope with life stressors in a healthy manner;
  • Dialectical-behavioral therapy – skills are taught that encompass mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, emotion regulation, and distress tolerance;
  • Solution-focused therapy – focus is on developing solutions and identifying strengths and resources within the client to create a healthier future.

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